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The allure of a beautiful tarot deck is utilized for more than readings, but it is also a powerful tool for meditation and reflection. Matt Hughes has found himself lost in deep meditation as he created this deck - it opened him up to greater connection with creativity. The colors he chose seemed to speak to him as he reflected on the meaning of the cards as he brought them to life.

It is because of this experience he reached out to the backers from the successful Kickstarter campaign, Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck, and asked if there would be interest for a coloring book of the Major Arcana.There was an overwhelming positive response for the publication! We are working to create a coloring book that is perfect for taking the experience of this amazing tarot to a whole new level!

Coloring the gorgeous Art Nouveau inspired images allows you to expand into a deeper connection with the symbolism hidden inside each card. The colors you choose for each image reflects your personality and opens a deep meditation which unveils messages the cards hold for you.

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